EZ LYNK AutoAgent Is The Future of Vehicle Diagnostics & Control

It puts the technician in the front seat with you at all times! You can be setup on your IOS or Andriod in only 60 seconds.

Once you get the app and setup your account, then your ready to install an ECU Profile to your vehicle. (picture below)

 NOW that may seem like a lot but really its so easy and painless!

Once you have a profile setup you can send the profile to the tuning shop with a click of the button on the app and they will send you back several different tunes for on road use and off road use! NO MORE Emails back and forth between the tuner and you! No more getting the vin, cab configuration, and keyless or not keyless and sending it to the technician/tuner. Technician/tuner just sends you the tunes through the EX LYNK and with couple clicks on your phone you have tuned your pickup!

EZ LYNK also has a awesome gauge setup that its totally customizable! (picture below)

Even better you and the technician both, if there would be ever a problem with the pickup all you have to do is hit the red button in the right corner of the gauge screen and it will record freeze frame and you can send the technician that freeze frame on the device and he will adjust the tune on the fly and send you a tune that you can reload and get you back on the road without going to the computer or the shop!

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