The Industrial Injection Towing Compound Turbo Kit is a fast spooling setup that increases horsepower and torque through the entire RPM range in your 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax. We designed this kit to optimize the engine efficiency by increasing airflow to the engine to help reduce EGTs. This is a perfect kit for someone who tows heavy loads or wants a fun daily driver or weekend warrior. This is a complete kit that comes with everything needed for install.


– Towing Performance

– Fast Spooling

– Lower Exhaust Temps (EGTs)

– Silver Bullet Phatshaft  Turbo (64/74/14)

– Borgwarner S475 Turbo (75/96/1.32)

– Mild Fueling Upgrades Recommended

– Complete Kit

– Capable of 700hp