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Our qualified technicians will use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the diesel repair is done properly. You can trust our services since we’ve been serving individuals like you since 1986!


Common Rail Injector Testing

Common Rail Injector Testing. With our new common rail Bosch 205 injector tester we can test all the popular Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke, and Many more! The machine runs the injectors through a series of test, including. Full load Idle Pre injection Emissions high pressure leak Low pressure leak [...]


Diesel Pickup Repair

We make sure your Diesel pickup is running great! We have been a premier diesel pickup repair shop for over 30 years. We service Dodge Cummins, Chevy Duramax, and Ford Powerstroke. Our diesel experts are highly trained in diesel diagnostics and gets you fixed right the [...]


Fuel Injection

Reliable fuel injection services for your vehicle When you need to buy parts for and service the fuel injection system in your vehicle, visit Anderson Diesel Service of Grand Island, NE right away. Rebuild fuel injection pumps Diagnostics on fuel injectors Diagnostics on fuel rails Testing [...]


Fuel Systems

Top-notch fuel systems available for sale Planning on getting a new fuel system for your vehicle? Visit Anderson Auto Parts of Grand Island, NE right away, and choose from a wide variety of options! Save money when you buy fuel systems from us. You can visit [...]


Turning, Grinding

Is your vehicle grinding to a halt? If yes, you need to bring it to Anderson Auto Parts of Grand Island, NE for turning and grinding services. You can depend on us since we've been servicing automobiles since 1986! Our turning and grinding services include: Turn [...]



Dependable auto electrical services since 1986. Need to buy new electrical components or service the electrical system in your vehicle? Bring your vehicle to Anderson Auto Parts of Grand Island, NE. We've been in business since 1986! Heavy-duty starters Alternators Diagnostics Troubleshooting Starter testing Alternator or [...]

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